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It is necessary for students to adhere to wearing form fitting dancewear in order that their teachers can advise and correct body alignment and proper technique.  Oversized clothing not only makes it difficult for the teachers to see what corrections need to be made, but the student is also unable to determine whether or not they have correct form.  Non-conforming dance attire can also be a distraction to the dancers and their peers.  Please help us enforce this policy.
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Pre-Ballet - Pink or black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers.  Simple ballet skirts are optional. 

Please no Tutu’s or wrap skirts.

Kindergarten Ballet, and Tap - Pink or black leotard and pink tights. Short ballet skirts are optional.  First - Second grade Ballet and Tap - Pink or black leotard,  pink or suntan tights.  Short ballet skirts or spandex shorts are optional. Second grade and up - Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern - Any solid color leotard.  Ballet skirts and spandex shorts are optional.  Suntan or ballet pink tights. *Convertible tights for Lyrical and Modern. Second grade and up - Tap and Hip Hop - Solid color leotard or tight fitting t-shirts with spandex shorts. Ballet pink or suntan tights. All Acro classes - Solid color leotard. Convertible ballet pink or suntan tights.  Spandex shorts are optional. Tights must be worn to all classes.  Non-conforming dance attire can be a distraction to dancers and their peers. FOR ALL CLASSES:  No Jewelry other than stud earrings. HAIR:  Long hair must be pulled up in a ballet bun for level 5 and up for ballet, jazz and lyrical classes.  Loose messy buns don’t count.  For all other classes, hair must be in either a bun or a tight pony tail.