Island School of Dance
Our Mission at Island School of Dance is to enhance the quality of life for our students through dance education in a setting where inspiration and fun are guaranteed.  For over 30 years we have provided students on the Outer Banks with a strong foundation in dance.  We strive to foster our student’s creativity and self-confidence and celebrate each child’s individual accomplishments in a non-competitive environment. 


What you can expect from Island School of Dance

Island School of DANCE
That classes will be taught by highly qualified teachers.  Visit the Instructor’s page to meet the teachers and read their professional biographies. A friendly atmosphere with helpful and friendly teachers.  You will feel welcome at Island School of Dance from your first step in the door. Teachers who consistently deliver a professional, safe and well- organized atmosphere for classes and rehearsals.  Dancers are not only learning steps...they are training their muscles and minds.  This means repetition, repetition, repetition!  Of course, students should arrive on time, maintain good attendance, and be prepared to get the most out of their classes, and you should expect the same consistency from their teachers. Fun!  Our teachers love to dance and love sharing their dance experiences with their students.  There is a special joy in learning to do something well, and dance is what we do well! A curriculum which not only understands the technical needs of the emerging dancer, but also the educational and emotional needs of the child.  We will always strive to integrate true, proper dance technique without stifling a child’s innate nature to move. Good communication.  It is important for dance families to be well informed.  Communication is a two way street and we strive to keep the lines of communication open.  Our student body is informed of school happenings through email, social media and printed announcements. A professionally equipped studio.  We maintain a state of the art O’Mara sprung dance floor at our 1,200 square foot studio.  That your child will actually learn to dance!  It is a fact of life that individuals are endowed with different talents and aptitudes, and some dancers learn faster than others.  Dance is a complex art form, and it is often difficult to predict which student will become a great dancer.  However, ALL students should be expected to learn good technique and learn it the right way.  Many children learn to play sports without intending to become professional athletes, but you still expect good coaching.  They study music without the expectation of a professional career, yet you expect them to learn the basics of music theory.  You should insist on no less for your child’s study of dance!

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