Island School of Dance
Island School of DANCE


“ I cannot say enough positive things about the dance program at Island School of Dance.  My daughter has blossomed under the guidance and loving environment Miriam has created.  Miriam exudes love, compassion and kindness while balancing it with structure, movement, and age approprate expectations for each class.  I love the environment at Island School of Dance.  Everyone is friendly and there is no competition because it is understood that everyone is different and everyone learns at their own pace.  I have watched Miriam in action and have been awed by her ability to keep the children’s attention in a positive and loving way.  While the dancers have their annual performance, it is Miriam’s mission to instill a love for dance, and to teach the fundamentals of dance, not just to learn the choreography for the upcoming performance.    Each year at the dance performances, I can feel the confidence, love and grace that Miriam has instilled in her students.  They are focused and poised, yet never appear stressed or feel pressured.  To a discriminiating parent, this says it all.  This year, after probably a 15 hour day, my daughter ran to Ms. Miriam and she dropped everything she was doing to give my daughter a hug and congratulate her for a great performance.  I have no doubt that we are in the right place for my daughter to continue learning her dance skills, but also to become a confident young woman.”    Meredith Foust Kramer “Island School of Dance has been the best choice I could have made for my girls!   Ms. Miriam and her staff are masters at helping their students learn and improve their dance technique while building their confidence by treating each child with kindness and respect.  My daughter was very timid, shy and unsure of herself.  But she has always left each class feeling a little bit more confident than she was when she walked in.  Ms. Miriam’s gentle and quiet ways nurture a very positive, empowering environment that gives them the opportunity to grow.  The instructors she has chosen to join her team are just as fabulous!  They are always very encouraging and quick to praise each dance while tactfully making corrections when needeed.  So very thankful to be a part of such a fantastic dance studio!  We are looking forward to many more years with Island School of Dance!” Michelle Meredith “My daughter started with Island School of Dance when she was 3.  She has a diagnosis of Spina Bifida and I wanted to help her develop her muscle tone and coordination.  Throughout these years her flexibility, core strength, endurance, and balance have improved greatly, and I attribute that to the conditioning and training she has received in dance.  Her self confidence has grown each year and she loves to dance.  The teachers have all been careful to adapt the instruction to her level while challenging her to grow in the dance disciplines.  We look forward to many more years with Island School of Dance.”  Bonnie Beacham My daughters have taken dance from Island School of Dance since 1993 and I have continually felt that Island Dance has had the most professional and experienced instructors on the Outber Banks.” Dorie Fuller “Island School of Dance provides a wonderful, intimate environment for budding dancers.  My daughter came a bit late to dance but with classes, personal attention and excellent instruction she was on track with the rest of her class in no time.  The instructors approach dance with infections energy, a wealth of experience, and a strong desire to see their students excel in all methods.  Their combined choreography skills are professional, creative, and crowd pleasing culminating in an enjoyable experience for all at their vibrant annual recital.  I am so happy to have Sarah at Island School of Dance and would choose them again over any other dance studio in the area.” Jamie Layton
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